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March, March, March! The summer is officially over. Thankfully it doesn't get so hot anymore and we can slowly set ourselves up for winter mode.

Covering yourself up with warm clothes doesn't actually mean that we can let our bodies go off the shape. That's why today Shelbi and I are showing you a healthy body and one of the great ways to maintain it. :))


As you all realised I'm a smallish girl that's why I usually go for two piece swimwear. However when JetsSwimwear contacted me about the collaboration I couldn't resist this particular one piece.  I've hardly ever seen a houndstooth pattern swimsuit that's why I fell in love with this model immidiately. In addition, the plunging neck makes it even more of a celebrity style!


With my body type I normally would go with a sarong skirt just to cover my legs but in this post I decided to go for something more original such as see through sweatshirt. I added a belt around my waist to optically extend my legs.



Today's post is also a collaboration with Pure Glow Cleanse  from North Perth. The company delivers fresh pressed juice detox daily to your doors. Great idea isn't it?! I recently have been a bit crazy about staying healthy so I was really excited about trying it out. Six jars had been delivered to my door early in the morning and it was just a perfect beginning of a good day.


Of course during your detox you can't consume anything but the juices, water and herbal tea. I started it with the recommended Sunrise Elixir, a mix of lemon, aloe and cucumber, it just felt right in the morning when I wasn't very hungry yet. Through the whole day I kept on switching the juices because I was so curious about their flavour and had different cravings every hour.


My favourite were the green range. I'm a total green vegetable fan. They were so good that I could add them to my everyday menu. In the end of the day I struggled a bit with lack of energy but I believe it's because at the same time I do the TapoutXt sessions which really pushes your body to the limit. However, I loved how I felt the next morning. Pure Glow Cleanse detox is one of the best things you can do for your body. I just felt amazing from the inside. Nice and cleansed and the feeling in my stomach gave me a great kick for the coming up week. I highly recommend it.


Photography Shelbi Eastwood



Swimsuit: JetsSwimwear

Sweatshirt: Retro Safari

Beach bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Shoes: Jimmy Choo and Nine West

Belt: Dotti

Watch: Michael Kors

Jewellery: Lovisa and Ocean Mantra

Hat: Enhance

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